Artist: Marci Rule

Calm Ocean II Original

This was my 7th painting in the ocean series. Since I loved Calm Ocean so much and it sold right away, I decided to paint another similar image in oils on a larger panel board. I’m so happy I did!  This original oil on a 12”x 24” panel board is now in a museum in Tokyo, Japan at an exhibit with 2 other ocean paintings of mine. The exhibit was an invite only at The 19th Japan International Exchange Exhibition located in the National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan.

Ocean Scenes . . . how it all started

I remember going to the beach at sunrise in December, 2018 while staying at the Carlsbad Inn with my daughter. I was still living in Wisconsin and flew out to find a place to live and a high school for my daughter. We walked to the ocean at sunrise to check it out and take photos. I was so inspired, I sat there for a few hours and took hundreds of photos. I didn’t want to leave! It was so peaceful. An entirely new experience for me. Little did I know this would become a new series of paintings for me. When I got back to Wisconsin and viewed the photos, I saw future paintings in so many. There was no doubt this would become a beautiful new series. Now, I just had to choose which ones to use as inspiration for my next painting. I’ve never painted so effortlessly in years! While I paint ocean scenes, I often listen to island music, Reggae or subtle waves, depending on my mood. I’m loving this now that I have moved to Carlsbad and live only a few miles from the beach and get new inspiration any time I want!