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Artist: Marci Rule

Calm Ocean I - Original

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After going through all my photos showing waves at high tide, I was really drawn to this one. When I first saw this photo, a close up of the foam left after the wave receded, and how wonderful the white foam contrasted with the rich blue and green hues, I knew I had to try something different. I’ve always painted realism and thought this had an almost contemporary look to it.  As I looked at the photo I took that December morning in 2018 off the Carlsbad Beach, I decided to try a new style for my 4th ocean scene and bump up the colors on my palette and make it not so realistic in my eyes...at least not what I’m used to painting! Since I felt more at peace while I painted this, I thought Calm Ocean was a perfect title for this new style for me. The original was painted in oils on a 10”x 20” canvas and is in a private collection.