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Artist: Marci Rule

Venice Canal - Original Oil Painting

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I have always been inspired by Italy’s art, architecture and breathtaking countryside. I have felt a calling to paint scenes from Italy and now that my children are grown, I can pursue that dream and travel to this great country!  This painting was inspired by a photograph of a canal in Venice. I loved the rich colors of the buildings and the reflections leading through the canal and knew I had to paint this scene! This relatively small oil painting, 16”x 20” on panel board, took twice as long as normal for something this size.  It is one of my favorites since I was able to get the rich colors by glazing many layers of color on top of each other. The original has been in 4 exhibits in Italy since November 2018, starting withConnessione Oltre Confiniin Rome and was in its fifth exhibitEmana Arte at the museumSpazio Espositivo Sopra Le Logge in Pisa, Italy. Please contact Marci Rule Art if interested in the original.