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Artist: Marci Rule

Tuscany, Italy- Original Oil Painting

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This Tuscan landscape was inspired by many photographs I have looked at over the years. The Val d’ Orcia is a region of Tuscany, central Italy, which extends from the hills south of Siena to Monte Amiata. It is a breathtaking view that has been photographed many times. This painting has taken the longest for me to complete...over 350 hours! It was painted in oils on a 30”x 40” canvas and has been in 5 exhibits in Italy since November of 2018.  First exhibitConnessione Oltre Confiniwas in Rome and will be in its fifth exhibitEmana Arte at the museumSpazio Espositivo Sopra Le Logge in Pisa, Italy, March 2020. Please contact Marci Rule Art if interested in the original.