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Artist: Marci Rule

High Tide #3 - Original

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This is an ORIGINAL oil painting on a 10"x 20" canvas which extends around the sides on 3/4" stretcher bars.

This wave seemed ominous! It was so dark and beautiful at the same time. I loved the energy I felt when capturing this photo. When I viewed this later, I knew this would be my 3rd painting in the ocean series. It inspired me so much, I could still feel the energy that morning when I took the photo as I sat in my Wisconsin studio painting it in early 2019. Great inspiration while listening to island music to get me through my last cold Wisconsin winter! Goodbye polar vortex and minus 40-60 degree winters!! The original oil painting is 10”x 20” on canvas.

Ocean Scenes . . . how it all started

I remember going to the beach at sunrise in December, 2018 while staying at the Carlsbad Inn with my daughter. I was still living in Wisconsin and flew out to find a place to live and a high school for my daughter. We walked to the ocean at sunrise to check it out and take photos. I was so inspired, I sat there for a few hours and took hundreds of photos. I didn’t want to leave! It was so peaceful. An entirely new experience for me. Little did I know this would become a new series of paintings for me. When I got back to Wisconsin and viewed the photos, I saw future paintings in so many. There was no doubt this would become a beautiful new series. Now, I just had to choose which ones to use as inspiration for my next painting. I’ve never painted so effortlessly in years! While I paint ocean scenes, I often listen to island music, Reggae or subtle waves, depending on my mood. I’m loving this now that I have moved to Carlsbad and live only a few miles from the beach and get new inspiration any time I want!